Vinnolit supports the sustainability programme VinylPlus

VinylPlus is the 10-year programme of the European PVC industry for sustainable development. It builds on the successes of the sustainability initiative Vinyl 2010 and tackles the next important steps to solve the sustainability challenges for PVC.

The PVC industry is committed to:
  • work towards the more efficient use and control of PVC throughout its lifecycle
  • help to ensure that persistent organic compounds do not accumulate in nature and that other emissions are reduced
  • move towards more sustainable additive systems
  • contribute to climate protection through reducing energy and raw material use
  • build sustainable awareness across the PVC value chain to accelerate resolving our sustainabiliy challenges

Please find more information on VinylPlus in the VinylPlus leaflet and the annual progress report.

The entire voluntary commitment you will find here.


The Ongoing Progress of VinylPlus

Read here, how the European PVC value chain managed to take the journey from being severely criticised to become a role model for how industry can achieve sustainable change.

Vinnolit supports VinylPlus as "Official Partner" financially, ideally and through active participation.

Watch the videos on the VinylPlus Youtube-channel