"Imagine how hard life would be without soft PVC"

In architecture, art and design, as well as in medical and automotive applications: Modern products made ​​of flexible PVC combine excellent handling with high aesthetic demands. Flexible PVC is exceptionally versatile, for example for cables and earphones, films, tarpaulins, artificial leather, floor and wall coverings, air mattresses or water wings and futuristic membrane roofs of sports stadiums.

Due to modern production processes, using high quality raw materials and the responsible use of resources, flexible PVC products are reliable, safe and environmentally friendly. Today, European PVC converters use mostly and with an upward trend phthalate plasticisers with high molecular weight or alternative plasticiser systems. These are secure and safe within all approved applications. With initiatives such as the sustainability programme VinylPlus, the European PVC industry has been working continuously and with great success to make their products even more sustainable.

Please find further information about flexible PVC in the PVCplus leaflet "Imagine how hard life would be without soft PVC",
or on www.pvc-partner.com.