The CRACKING product consisting of EDC, VCM and HCl is separated in the VCM DISTILLATION unit.

Hydrogen chloride is recovered in the HCl column and fed to the OXYCHLORINATION unit. Vinyl chloride is obtained at the top of the VCM column and traces of HCl are removed in the HCI stripper.

The bottom product of the VCM column, mainly unconverted EDC, is returned to the EDC DISTILLATION process after the low-boiling components have been converted to high-boiling components by chlorination.

The advantages of the Vinnolit process can be summarized as follows:

Advantages of the VCM distillation:

· HCl content in VCM < 1 ppm without using caustic
· Long on-stream time of VCM distillation unit, because of no coke carry-over from hot quench system
· Vapor feed of HCl stripper overhead product to the HCl column, no condensation system necessary
· Lower power consumption for HCl condensation compared to low pressure HCl column

Advantages of the recycle EDC chlorination:

· No separation of low-boiling compounds necessary
· Low investment cost in comparison to a low-boil column
· Easy operation
· No steam consumption
· Low maintenance cost