Centres of Competence

Regarding both standard PVC and special grades of PVC: Vinnolit has many years of experience and an extensive knowledge about production, processing and testing of this versatile polymer.

We develop raw materials and future technology enabling our customers to meet market requirements and demands. Why not make use of this competence to put your innovative ideas into practice and achieve your objectives.

The polymerisation pilot plant is capable of using all major production technologies for the development of new PVC products.
Mixing and compounding machines to optimise raw material processing conditions.
Roller mills, extruder and calender for the development of high-grade foils.
Extrusion lines to test the latest innovations in profiles, pipes, cable coverings and hoses.
Spreading and coating machines for investigating new developments in the processing and application of paste-marking PVC.
Testing flow properties (rheology) of polymer melts and dispersions
Evaluation of new product concepts for future uses and fields of application

Contact: karin.fritz@vinnolit.com