PVC at Web

To find out more on PVC, the plastic for the future, and our intermediates we recommend that you visit the following sites:

Voluntary Committment of the European PVC-Industry
Associations and Organisations
AGPU - Working Group PVC and Environment (Bonn/ Germany)
API - PVC and Environment (Wien/ Austria)
PVCH - Working Group of the Swiss PVC Industry (Aarau)
BPF - British Plastics Federation (UK)
PlasticsEurope - Association of plastics Manufacturers (Brussels)
ECVM - European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (Brussels)
European Plasticisers (Brussels)
ESPA - European Stabilisers Producers Association (Brussels)
EuPC - European Plastics Converters (Brussels)
Euro Chlor - Association of chloralkali process plant operators in Europe (Brussels)
PVC4Pipes - European PVC pipe industry association (Brussels)
TheChlorineThings - Euro Chlor website about the many advantages and benefits of chlorine-based chemistry
EPPA - The European PVC Window Profile and Related Building Products Association
TEPPFA - The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association