Protecting the Environment

Acting responsibly

We are committed to the guiding principle of responsible corporate action and sustainable development that combines financial success with social responsibility and responsibility for the environment.

A responsible and sustainable action is firmly anchored in the corporate policy of Vinnolit. Therefore, the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural resources are corporate goals of high priority.

Responsibility for people and the environment

Safety, health and environmental protection are the prime objectives of our corporate policy. We support the goals of the Responsible Care initiative of the chemical industry.
  • We operate our production facilities to high safety standards and develop them continuously in order to further improve safety for employees, neighbours and the environment.
  • We operate our production facilities efficiently and develop our processes continuously in order to preserve resources and further reduce environmental pollution.
  • We distribute products of whose safety and environmental compatibility we are convinced and advise our customers on their safe and responsible use.
  • We support the goals of the Responsible Care initiative of the chemical industry as well as industry initiatives, such as the sustainability programmes of the European PVC industry.

Vision and Values
Here you can find the Vinnolit "Vision and Values".

Activities of the company

Vinnolit is a member of the working group "PVC and Environment e.V." (AGPU) and of PlasticsEurope Germany (Association of German Plastics Manufacturers). Vinnolit is also a member of PlasticsEurope (Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe), the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) and Euro Chlor, which co-ordinate and address environmentally relevant questions on a European level. Vinnolit fully supports VinylPlus, the Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry for sustainable development (, the Euro Chlor sustainability programme ( and the global Responsible Care initiative of the chemical industry (

Environmental Targets and Programs

Environmental targets are published in our Environmental Report.