Ten Advantages of PVC

1. PVC secures existing and creates new jobs
The PVC industry is one of the growth segments in Germany. Some 100,000 employees in PVC production and processing generate annual revenues of Euro 10 billion, a figure that is projected to grow. The industry is also creating new jobs and training opportunities.

2. PVC is an economically sound, cost-efficient material
German consumers would spend some 6,5 billion Euro more annually if PVC were replaced by other materials according to a study by Prognos.

3. PVC is an environmentally sound material
PVC production and processing require comparatively few fossil fuels and resources (57% of PVC consists of domestic rock salt available in virtually unlimited amounts, crude oil comprises the other 43%). PVC construction products are light, low-maintenance, long-lasting and are thus environmentally friendly.

4. PVC is recyclable
Recycling facilities exist for the majority of PVC applications, for example window profiles, pipes and fittings, floor covering and roofing. As possible, recycled PVC is reused in the original applications.

5. PVC is a high-quality, versatile material
Products made of PVC are resistant to weather, oil and UV radiation. Finished products are flexible or resistant to mechanical shock and can be pigmented in any colour. The versatility of PVC allows it to be used for a wide range of applications with high standards for product quality.

6. PVC is well researched
According to the government committee "Schutz des Menschen und der Umwelt" (protection of man and the environment) of the German Bundestag, today PVC - with regard to the environment - is one of the most thoroughly researched materials. In its findings, the committee cautions against replacing the material without sound environmental and economical cause.

7. PVC is a crucial material
PVC constitutes some 16% of all plastics processed worldwide. It is thus among the essential materials for industry and trade. The main PVC consumers by industry are: construction, packaging, automotive, electronics and others.

8. PVC is a safe material
PVC burns less readily than the majority of other materials and is thus a factor in fire prevention.

9. PVC has no adverse effects on health
Today, PVC production and processing is not a health hazard to workers or consumers. Consequently, PVC is used for medical equipment and engineering, food packaging and transport piping for potable water amongst others. PVC is a crucial factor in modern medicine (blood pumps, blood bags, intravenous tubes, etc. consist of PVC).

10. PVC is a growth product
Due to the material's economic and ecological advantages, PVC sales are increasing world wide.