Vinnolit Site Manager Dr Kurt Kreilein retires

After many years of service Dr Kurt Kreilein retired on 30.06.2006 as head of the site management at Vinnolit's southern German plants. Dr Kreilein spent 29 years in the PVC divisions of Wacker Chemie and Vinnolit, initially in Cologne, later in Burghausen and Gendorf. In 1996 he took over as the head of polymer production for the southern plants. Since 1999 he has been head of the site management in the south with responsibility for the Vinnolit plants in Burghausen and Gendorf. In paying tribute to Dr Kreilein, Vinnolit's Managing Director, Dr Ralph Ottlinger, thanked the prospective 'pensioner' for his extremely successful work and acknowledged his contribution to the company: "As site manager for our important southern German plants and as head of production and engineering for the Business Unit Paste and Extender, Dr Kurt Kreilein has committed himself to securing both the future competitiveness and the jobs at the plants. A particular - joint - success in recent times was the expansion of the E-PVC production facilities in Burghausen within the framework of the Vin21+ Project."

As of 01.07.2006 Dr Peter Spes (48) has succeeded Dr Kreilein as the new site manager in Burghausen with responsibility for production, engineering and site management. Dr Spes previously worked in production at Vinnolit in Burghausen and Gendorf and, most recently, was head of the production team Microsuspension PVC in Cologne-Merkenich.

Dr Kreilein's successor in Gendorf is Dr Thomas Karcher (43) who, on 01.07.2006, assumed his new position as site manager with responsibility for production, engineering and site management. Dr Karcher has held various positions in production and was, until recently, head of the production team Vinyl Chloride at Vinnolit in Gendorf.

Since the beginning of April Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG has been gradually restructuring its organisation. Of particular importance is the creation of a new "Commercial" unit combining sales, marketing and innovation management under the leadership of Dr Wolfram Proessdorf (55) and the establishment of an "Operations" unit with overall responsibility for production, engineering and site management headed by Dr Georg Daembkes (54) in Ismaning. The new organisational structure reduces complexity, allows for further increases in efficiency and supports the successful orientation of the company vis-a-vis the demands of the market. Dr Daembkes confirms that "the new site managers have a central role in this concept in terms of the further development of the plants".

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