Vinnolit at the K'2001 - innovative products for applicationoriented solutions. New high-performance reactor for Suspension-PVC

The company spends approximately 10 million Euro each year for research, development and application technology in this area. Fundamental technological innovations in EDC- / VCM- and Suspension- PVC production are developed and licensed by VinTec, Vinnolit's technology center.

News about thermoplastic PVC
With suspension PVC in the broad range from K-value 50 to 100 and emulsion PVC, copolymers, graft polymers as well as high molecular PVC, Vinnolit provides the appropriate solutions for the entire spectrum of thermoplastic processing. Product enhancements with standard PVC and the novel development Vinnolit S 3257 facilitate even higher output rates at the processing plant for the calendering of foils and the high-performance extrusion of profiles, pipes and plates. The Series 700 of the well-known high impact concentrates for window profiles was complemented by VK 710, a thermoplastic elastomer for gaskets for outdoor applications.

Special types for paste processing
The comprehensive product range consisting of homo- and copolymeric paste products and extender resins was additionally complemented by the development of special types for foam- and compact applications. With Vinnolit E 67 ST and Vinnolit EX 69 ST, producers of wallpaper are provided with homopolymeric paste products which can be excellently processed into fine-celled, low-density foam wallpaper with high whiteness. The new Vinnolit E 68 SA is ideal for chemically blown foams in artificial leather products as well as unsupported sheeting and features fine-celled, white foams and a high processing bandwidth.
Since this year, EX 80 TT, a homopolymeric paste PVC for the top coat has been available to producers of CV flooring. EX 80 TT meets the requirements for highest transparency and matt surface as well as minimal absorption of water without clouding.
With the copolymeric extender CX 12/62 V, a novel product will be presented at the K'2001 combining high storage stability of comonomer poor products with the gelating characteristics of comonomer rich products for the first time. The homopolymeric extender C 66 W which has been developed further is also impressive due to its essentially lower cold cracking temperature for soft PVC products.

High-performance reactor for Suspension-PVC
At the K'2001, VinTec will present the new high-performance reactor for the production of Suspension-PVC. The innovative Vinnolit internal cooling technology guarantees product consistency and highest throughput capacity. Through the use of internal cooling halfpipes, high heat transfer rates are guaranteed so that the utilization of external reflux condensers and expensive chilled water facilities is not required. With these high-performance reactors, VinTec provides a technology for the production of all Standard-S-PVC types as well as S-specialities with extremely high productivity and flexibility at low investment costs. Among the other innovations are the new EDC cracking furnace for VCM production featuring improved product quality and longer furnace operation time as well as a new direct chlorination reactor which has so far been developed in pilot form and enables optimum values regarding energy consumption, output and product purity, thus setting new standards in EDC production.


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1 Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG - a company as part of the Advent International Corporation - is the leading producer of PVC in Germany and one of the most significant in Europe. The head office is situated in Ismaning, near Munich. Production sites are in Burghausen, Gendorf, Knapsack and Cologne. Annual turnover in 2000 was 548 m. Euro. Vinnolit has 1600 employees including those from wholly owned subsidiaries Vintron GmbH and Vinnolit Technologie GmbH & Co. KG (VinTec). Joint Managing Directors are Dr. Josef Ertl and Hans-Jürgen Zippel.