Vinnolit bets on dialogue "17:17" - "Daily Talk" at the K'2001

Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG1 presents itself at the K'2001 with a completely new image. The foremost German PVC producer will use its presence at the largest plastics exhibition in the world to give the plastic material PVC an appropriate forum and simultaneously provide an open communications platform to customers, the interested public and the specialist industrial public. Well known experts will present the advantages and strengths of PVC.

Also, the strategy to consider all the various aspects of the material PVC forms an integral part of the company's communications policy: Not only PVC as a raw material, but also its use and application as well as the economic and social impact of PVC are in the centre of interest.

No longer will PVC be presented only as a raw material; instead "living" with PVC will be highlighted at the K'2001.

The stand at the exhibition is designed in the form of a modern high-tech laboratory. "Pipelines" lead the visitor's gaze to a "Centre of Competence"; a touch-me wall fitted with transfusion bags containing PVC as powder, granulate or paste encourages visitors to experience PVC at first hand. Also shown are examples of everyday practical applications such as window profiles, pharmaceutical films or superposters.

The expert talks will take place at the exhibition stand at 17 minutes past 5 pm.

Vinnolit at the K'2001: Come - See - Enjoy


The program:

Thursday: October 25, 2001

Speaker: Hans-Jürgen Koch, Koch Membranen GmbH & Co. KG

Nur der Himmel über PVC / Nothing but the Sky above PVC
Textiles Bauen mit PVC / Textile architecture using PVC

The Topic:
There is no need to always use only traditional construction materials like wood, stone, steel or glass. As the trend in architecture is marked by lightweight and transparency, membrane roof constructions are gaining more and more importance as essentially creative elements. While membrane constructions always present innovative opportunities to architects, these constructions can be realized since PVC-coated polyester materials are available which fulfil the high technical demands. The roofage of the Wimbledon tennis courts, the pavilion roof at the city square in Cottbus-Sachsendorf or the award-winning roofage of the ice sports hall on the Munich Olympic Grounds: Only the use of PVC membranes gave the unmistakable "look" to these three buildings. But membranes also move into the home: Many house owners today prefer special and unusual designs such as individually designed membrane constructions or innovative "funnel shields" for sun protection.

The Speaker:
Hans-Jürgen Koch is Managing Director of Koch Membranen which was established in 1919 by his grandfather Carl Koch in Erfurt. Nowadays the company is located in Rimsting, Chiemsee. Koch Membranen generates annual sales of approx. 15 million Euro and employs 100 people. The company is specialized in the production of high-quality plastic roofing systems. Throughout the world, the company is considered to be the innovative driver in this market segment as well as in membrane technology and environmental technology.


Friday: October 26, 2001

Speaker: Michael Reiske, BlowUp Aussenwerbung GmbH

Big is beautiful
PVC-Riesenposter / PVC-Superposter

The Topic:
What would cities look like without billboards? In the recent past, a new - and modern - way of outdoor advertising has been established. While dismal scaffoldings once coined the townscape, today companies entertainingly advertise their products on gigantic space. These new ways of advertising have become possible only through the deployment of highly stable base materials that are printable and UV-resistant. With square measures ranging from 100 to 1000 sqm, a really highly visible medium. Be it advertising for the BMW 3 Series, the new Mini or the 1500 sqm banderole surrounding the building of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt which promotes the new Euro notes - all superposters are made of PVC.

The Speaker:
This year, Michael Reiske was appointed Marketing Director & Sales Coordinator Europe at BlowUp, the leading German provider in the market segment for superposters. He is responsible for services, development and the opening of new markets. BlowUp is located in Münster and, since 1997, belongs to the Ströer-Gruppe, Cologne. With overall sales of more than 27 million Deutschmarks and more than 45% of all placements, the company was able to once again generate an increase of almost 20% in 2000. The company started in 1992 as a media initiator on the German market and consistently continues its internationalization with subsidiaries in London, Zurich, Madrid, Paris and other European metropolises.


Saturday: October 27, 2001

Speaker: Bernd Wiederhold, Gealan Fenster-Systeme

Natürlich PVC - Naturally PVC
Umweltmanagement in der PVC-Industrie / Environmental management in the PVC industry

The Topic:
PVC and the environment - the current discussion is frequently influenced by a disproportion of matter-of-fact information and public awareness. Bernd Wiederhold will exemplary report on the environmental management in the PVC industry, the commitment of GEALAN, the success achieved so far, new challenges and the voluntary commitment of the European PVC industry regarding the sustainable development of PVC.

The Speaker:
The graduate engineer Bernd Wiederhold is responsible for Quality- and Environmental Management at GEALAN Fenster Systeme. GEALAN produces plastic window systems made of PVC and generated sales of more than 180 million Deutschmarks in 2000 with 600 employees working across Europe. GEALAN is considered to be the environmental market leader. Bernd Wiederhold, responsible for the Quality-, Safety- and Environmental Management System, was appointed "Environmental Commissioner of the Year 2000" ("Umweltbeauftragter des Jahres 2000") by the German environmental initiative future e.V.. The Association of the Chemical Industry (Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.) and future e.V. suggested to honor GEALAN with the German Environmental Award 2001.


Sunday: October 28, 2001

Speaker: Werner Preusker, Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt e.V.

Erfolgsmodell PVC 2020 - Success Story PVC 2020
Wachstumspotential von PVC / The growth potential of PVC

The Topic:
A lot of people do not know it yet: PVC is a growth product. The material provides an almost inexhaustible basis for innovative and proven applications due to its chemical and physical properties. Who would have thought 50 years ago that PVC would play a life-saving role in medicine, that we would be able to pay with PVC credit cards … The analysis of the European PVC markets demonstrates significant growth potential even for standard applications. A strategy based on advertising, innovation and sustainable development of the material PVC is required to achieve this.

The Speaker:
In 1989, the lawyer Werner Preusker was appointed Managing Director of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt e.V. (AgPU) - an environmental initiative from business and science with the objective of harmonizing PVC and the interests of environmental protection as well as promoting the sustainable development of PVC. Besides more than 1000 private members, 80 companies and associations have in the meantime joined AgPU. Since 1997, Werner Preusker is also the spokesman of PVCplus, an initiative of 36 companies from the PVC industry which serves as an information center and joint forum for this branch of industry.


Monday: October 29, 2001

Speaker: Dr. Ulrich Pelzer, Baxter Deutschland GmbH

PVC rettet Leben - Livesafer PVC
Medizintechnische Anwendungen / Medical applications

The Topic:
Today, PVC is by far the most commonly used plastic material in intensive care medicine. Approximately 10,000 tons of PVC are used in Germany each year in the form of bags and tube systems for the most diverse purposes. PVC excellently fulfills the key requirements in medicine such as sterilisability, cold elasticity and transparency, and is an indispensable material for high-quality and economic patient care. Gloves, adhesive plasters, hose clamps and other accessories are made of PVC as well. Due to its manifold advantages PVC will also be in future a material of choice in medicine.

The Speaker:
Dr. Ulrich Pelzer works as Environmental Engineer for Baxter Germany and is responsible for External Environmental Affairs. Baxter is a provider and producer of medical and pharmaceutical products and represented in more than 100 countries. The product- and services range of Baxter Deutschland GmbH offers products to the physician required to treat patients suffering from the most severe and mostly life-threatening diseases. In many cases, these patients depend on Baxter's products for many years, often even throughout their entire life.


Tuesday: October 30, 2001

Speakers: Herbert Grün, Giesecke & Devrient GmbH
Rolf Christ, Klöckner Pentaplast GmbH

Welches Geld regiert die Welt? - Which money makes the world go round?
Scheck- und Kreditkarten aus PVC - IDs and credit cards made of PVC

The Topic:
Not a single day without close contact with smart cards and electronic payment. PVC is the most important raw material for the production of IDs, charge and credit cards. Herbert Grün and Rolf Christ present an overview about the production of secure cards, about the requirements regarding PVC-films and the future developments in the segment cards and card systems.

The Speakers:
Herbert Grün is the Director Card Engineering at Giesecke & Devrient, Munich, with responsibilty for all card applications. G & D is an internationally operating high technology group and leading supplier of banknotes, security documents, currency automation systems, as well as cards, components and complete multifunctional smart card systems for electronic payments and telecommunications. The group employs over 5.800 people worldwide. Rolf Christ is the Marketmanager Cardfilms at Klöckner Pentaplast. The Klöckner Pentaplast group - a subsidiary of Klöckner-Werke AG, Duisburg / Germany, achieves an annual turnover of 800 million Euro and offers a full range of specially-formulated films to meet all needs of packaging, printing and technical applications.


Wednesday: October 31, 2001

Speaker: Dr. Peter Orth, Verband Kunststofferzeugende Industrie e.V.

Kunststoff: Entscheidung für die Zukunft - Plastics: A decision for the future
Innovationen bei Kunststoffen / Innovating plastics

The Topic:
Plastics are omnipresent in our world. They have shaped the last years like no other material. Communications, mobility, security of supply, our standard of living as such - inconceivable without plastics. Thanks to their innovative power, the dynamic growth of plastics is unique. The average growth rate expected in the worldwide plastics production by 2010 accounts for 5.3 percent annually. PVC, the third-largest standard plastic material today, will participate in this growth.

The Speaker:
Dr. Peter Orth started his professional career in 1980 with Bayer AG and held leading positions in various areas before he was appointed Managing Director of Exatec GmbH & Co. KG (a joint venture between Bayer and GE) in 1997. In 2000, he assumed responsibility for Governmental Relations / Verbandskoordinierung in the plastics business of Bayer AG. In January 2001, Dr. Orth was appointed Senior Managing Director of the Verband Kunststofferzeugende Industrie, the association of the German plastics producers. The VKE represents the political and economic interests of this industry branch and is the contact for all plastics-relevant topics in Germany.


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1 Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG - a company as part of the Advent International Corporation - is the leading producer of PVC in Germany and one of the most significant in Europe. The head office is situated in Ismaning, near Munich. Production sites are in Burghausen, Gendorf, Knapsack and Cologne. Annual turnover in 2000 was 548 m. Euro. Vinnolit has 1600 employees including those from wholly owned subsidiaries Vintron GmbH and Vinnolit Technologie GmbH & Co. KG (VinTec). Joint Managing Directors are Dr. Josef Ertl and Hans-Jürgen Zippel.