Vinnolit is right up front in e-Business

E-Business, as a notion of any form of internet-assisted business operation is also changing the chemical industry. Raw material purchasing, inventory management and selling will increasingly be conducted via the internet.

SAP Customer Success Story (PDF)
CRM story Triaton magazine Evolution 2/2002 (PDF)

Vinnolit views the implementation of an efficient e-Business platform as a challenge of strategic importance. For this reason, Dr Fritzsche was put in charge to push this topic methodologically and technologically. In march 2000, i.e. 2 years ago, he was named vice-president e-business.

Supply Chain:
At the beginning of 1996, Vinnolit installed the SAP R/3 software as the ERP backbone system of the company. Meanwhile additional modules of the SAP R/3 system have been added so that all of the R/3 modules are implemented and running at Vinnolit. As a means to improve the logistic processes, and in particular to increase planning and simulation capabilities of production and customer delivery, we introduced the Supply Chain Management as a management function in the middle of 1999. One milestone was the introduction of the SAP Software Advanced Planner & Optimizer (APO), Release 3.0 - on 1.6.2001. Due to the intensive use that Vinnolit makes of the system, SAP has included Vinnolit in it's "First Customer Shipment Program".

CRM (= Customer Relationship Management):
SAP/CRM went life on 01.03.2002. User training and the implementation itself were smooth; as of today we have too little experience to make any statements about it's benefits. We are currently working on how to measure the success of the system. As soon as we have solid experience we will communicate it. Please read about Vinnolit CRM in the
Triaton magazine Evolution 2/2002.

B2B Procurement: 
Plans are to go life with SAP/EBP together with the catalogue software of the company CA-Content on 01.09.2002. The project scope was heavily extended; it now encompasses "the entire purchasing process of technical materials and services starting from ordering till material reception and invoice controll". The software has been installed; filling the catalogues is new territory.