Vinnolit publishes "Exemplary Environmental Report"

Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG is Germany's leading PVC producer and, as such, is aware of its obligation to Responsible Care for the environment. With the inclusion of the Vinnolit Environmental Declaration 2000 into the publication "German Standards - Exemplary Environmental Reports 2001" ("Deutsche Standards - Vorbildliche Umweltberichte 2001"), the publishers Arcum, Cologne, have given particular recognition to the company's exceptional Environmental Management System.

"Environmental awareness is a primary objective of our company policy". This fundamental tenet of the environmental philosophy was put into practice as early as 1993, when Vinnolit was founded. The company was conscious of the fact that a PVC producer can, in the long term, only operate successfully if confidence in the proven material PVC is maintained, also when seen from an ecological standpoint. By announcing this self imposed commitment, Vinnolit undertook to play a leading role in matters relating to the environment.

In the Environmental Declaration 2000 published in October last year, the company presented its environmental activities to the general public. These included participation in the Eco-Audit procedure, practised at all production sites since 1997, as part of an integrated management system encompassing environment, safety and quality. Also shown were the new environmental programs for the individual production sites, as well as the evaluation of achieved objectives arising from the previous assessment period.

Equally significant in this declaration is the company's commitment to continually make improvements as well as putting them into practice, and thereby minimising the impact on the environment. By publishing these basic principles and actions in the form of an Environmental Declaration, the company's commitment is made visible and readily verifiable by outsiders.

Particular recognition was given to this commitment when the Vinnolit Environmental Declaration was included in the series "German Standards - Exemplary Environmental Reports" (Deutsche Standards - Vorbildliche Umweltberichte): In this model publication the "best" 100 environmental reports are presented from all spheres of activity - medium sized companies to well-known industrial giants.

"For management as well as all our employees, this recognition serves both as an incentive as well as an obligation to accept a leading role in environmental affairs", according to Managing Director Dr. Josef Ertl. "This is also consistent with the spirit of voluntary commitment towards sustainable development of the European PVC industry and the demands made on our industry by an environmentally conscious public".

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1 Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG - a company as part of the Advent International Corporation - is the leading producer of PVC in Germany and one of the most significant in Europe. The head office is situated in Ismaning, near Munich. Production sites are in Burghausen, Gendorf, Knapsack and Cologne. Annual turnover in 2000 was 548 m. Euro. Vinnolit has 1600 employees including those from wholly owned subsidiaries Vintron GmbH and Vinnolit Technologie GmbH & Co. KG (VinTec). Joint Managing Directors are Dr. Josef Ertl and Hans-Jürgen Zippel.