Vinnolit speeds up second step of chlorine conversion

The step by step conversion of the electrolysis plants in Gendorf and Knapsack to the energy saving membrane technology, as announced by Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG in November last year, shall be completed by mid 2009. 1.5 years ahead of the previously scheduled completion date. Combined with these measures is an expansion of chlorine capacity from 390,000 to 430,000 metric tonnes per year.

In the first step of the chlorine conversion, to be completed by end of 2008, approximately €45m will be invested in the construction of a new membrane electrolysis in Gendorf with a capacity of 90,000 metric tonnes per year. As a counter measure mercury capacity in Knapsack will be reduced by 60,000 metric tonnes per year.

In the second step decided on now, which shall be completed by mid 2009, it is intended to fully convert the remaining mercury capacity in Gendorf and Knapsack with an investment volume of some €55m. This includes the construction of another new membrane electrolysis plant in Gendorf with a capacity of 90,000 metric tonnes per year and in Knapsack with a capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes per year. With the following closure of the two remaining mercury plants in Gendorf and Knapsack the conversion to the membrane technology will be completed.

"We are continuing our growth in intermediate products and, at the same time, will close our chlorine gap in Gendorf. This means that, in the medium term, Vinnolit will have at its disposal two large monomer sites with balanced capacity in all production stages", says Managing Director Dr Josef Ertl.

An important motivating force for Vinnolit are the energy savings connected with the conversion: "The modern membrane process requires significantly less energy per tonne of chlorine than the mercury process", emphasises Managing Director Dr Ralph Ottlinger, "with the effect that Vinnolit is making a considerable contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions."

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