World Water Day 2010 – environmental and water protection with PVC

In 1992 the 22nd March was declared international World Water Day by the United Nations to call attention to the importance of water quality and the need for protection and sustainable management of freshwater resources (www.worldwaterday2010.info). In 2010 the annual World Water Day is themed “Clean Water for a Healthy World”. Governments, organisations, companies and citizens are actively called upon to participate in the protection of water quality, because clean water is not only fundamental for healthy ecological systems, but also for human well-being.

In collaboration with the European association PVC4Pipes (www.pvc4pipes.com) Vinnolit supports the aims of the World Water Day 2010. Pipes made of PVC contribute to environmental and water protection, because they are durable, easy to maintain and recyclable. Besides, PVC production and processing require comparatively little fossil raw materials and resources. Worldwide about 40 percent of all pipes are made of PVC, in Europe over 31 percent. PVC pipes are used in a wide spectrum of applications. Thereby they are of particular importance for water supply and wastewater disposal. Because almost as significant as freshwater supply is an efficient sewerage system to remove and clean wastewater before it contaminates ground water or waterbodies. These are basic hygiene requirements, but still more than 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation. Due to their eminent product attributes like strength, leak-tightness, resistance to corrosion, permanency and easy installation, PVC pipes are excellently suitable for water piping systems.

Saving water with PVClean
Besides the protection of water quality, World Water Day 2010 focuses on the sustainable management of freshwater resources. With the innovative water recycling project PVClean, which was supported by the European Commission and has been successfully utilized at the Vinnolit production site Knapsack since 2008, Vinnolit was able to reduce the water consumption by half at the Suspension PVC process, which is the most important process for the production of PVC worldwide. “We see ourselves in a pioneering role”, Managing Director Dr Ralph Ottlinger explains. “We also want to deploy Word Water Day to draw the attention to the water saving potentials in PVC manufacturing. Modern production processes are evaluated not only by the quality of their products, but in future increasingly by their consumption of resources too. Therefore we do offer the PVClean technology also to our worldwide licensees.”

PVC pipesultrafiltration unit for the recycling of
the process waste water

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