IG BCE Chairman Vassiliadis at Vinnolit´s Works Councils Conference: Acting together now

Special guest was IG BCE Chairman Michael Vassiliadis, who praised the traditionally good cooperation between employers and unions in the German chemical industry and encouraged the use of the current good economic situation, to now set the course for the future viability of the chemical industry in Germany.

“We must now act together and address the challenges of the future while we are still in good shape. After the crisis, not only do we have to be prepared for change, we have to actively bring it about”, claimed Michael Vassiliadis, Chairman of the German Mining, Chemical and Energy Workers’ Union (IG BCE), at the Vinnolit works councils conference
2012 in Königswinter and met with a broad consensus with Heinz Coltro, the Chairman of the General Works Council of Vinnolit, and the Vinnolit management. "We want to build on our strengths and further develop good and innovative products. And we aim to meet the demographic challenges with attractive jobs and a future-oriented personnel policy", says Managing Director Dr Josef Ertl.

Vassiliadis stressed the important role of the chemical industry for the design of a sustainable future, because it provides the necessary innovative materials. PVC is used for example, for energy-efficient window systems and rotor blades of wind turbines. "The PVC industry has devoted itself intensively to the issue of sustainability in recent years. What began as recycling in the 90s has been continued today with the new European sustainability programme VinylPlus also in terms of the responsible use of raw materials. The ambitious goals of VinylPlus find my full support. They give the industry and hence the employees, too, a promising future perspective", says Vassiliadis. "And an important aspect in times of the extremely challenging energy system transformation
in Germany: Products made ​​of PVC help saving energy in many areas."

The annual meeting brings together the works councils of the seven Vinnolit sites in Germany and the UK, the management, the site managers and Human Resources representatives to exchange views on the company's situation and current business projects. Guests also included representatives of the IG BCE Altötting and Cologne / Bonn, Harald Sikorski and Thomas Meiers.

Michael Vassiliadis (2nd from r) at the Vinnolit works council conference with the managing directors of Vinnolit Dr Josef Ertl (m) and Dr Ralph Ottlinger (r) and the chairmen of Vinnolit´s works council Heinz Coltro (2nd from l) and Erwin Schmidt (l).

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