Vinnolit promotes climate protection by 'green' logistics

Vinnolit purchases most of its raw materials by the environmentally friendly methods of pipeline, barge and rail and also ships a significant portion of its products by rail and barge. Utilising the climate-friendly solution Eco Plus of the logistics partner DB Schenker Rail, which exclusively uses renewable energy for the transportation of rock salt by rail, further improves the company's CO2 balance.

Vinnolit ships nearly half of its products, caustic soda and PVC, by rail or by barge and therefore achieving CO2 savings. 93 percent of the raw materials are delivered by pipeline, barge and rail; the main PVC raw material salt is exclusively delivered by barge and rail. Compared to truck transportation, transportation by rail requires much less energy and generates less than 20 percent CO2. "To significantly reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide even further, we have agreed a CO2-free rail transport, that exclusively uses renewable energy sources, with our logistics partner DB Schenker Rail in 2012 for salt deliveries to our production site Gendorf," says Francesco Talarico, Procurement Director at Vinnolit. "In addition this means we will save around 930 tonnes of CO2 per year."

"DB Schenker Rail calculates the power consumption for the transport in advance and supplies the required amount of green electricity to the traction power network. 10 percent of the revenues from Eco Plus also flow into the construction of new facilities for producing and storing electricity from renewable sources," says Dr Oliver Mieden, Head of Environmental Affairs & Corporate Communications at Vinnolit. "Eco Plus from DB Schenker Rail is a trend-setting solution and we do very much appreciate this cooperation for the protection of the climate."

Rock salt delivery at the Vinnolit site Gendorf
(Photo: Vinnolit)

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