Why PVC is the better tree for climate protectors

Try to push the emotions that you associate with your Christmas tree, a little aside for once. From a purely rational perspective, an artificial Christmas tree made of PVC is much better than a real tree: it doesn´t loose its needles or wither, can be used for many years, is much less vulnerable to fire, is cost-efficient and even more environmentally friendly. Because the CO2 footprint of a at least for ten years reusable PVC tree is significantly smaller over the entire life cycle than that of ten or more naturally grown Christmas trees, which must be planted, watered and fertilised, felled and transported.

So: Safe a tree - use PVC!

Enjoy your Christmas tree, whether from "the woods" or made of plastic. And a Merry Christmas!

Modern Christmas trees made ​​of PVC look lifelike. But who says that trees must be always green? There is a wide selection of sizes and styles. Try it once white, pink or black.

Please find more about this topic on www.christmastreeassociation.org
and in the press release of the Vinyl Institute.