DB SCHENKEReco plus program: Vinnolit saves 993 tonnes of CO2 in 2014 due to Eco-friendly rail transport with green electricity

Since 2012, Vinnolit participates in the Eco Plus programme of its logistics partner DB Schenker Rail, which uses regenerative energy for the rail transportation of rock salt to the site Gendorf.

DB Schenker Rail calculates the power consumption for the transport in advance and supplies the required amount of green electricity to the traction power network. In 2014 the electricity for Eco Plus was produced in German water power plants. 10 percent of the revenues from Eco Plus also flow into the construction of new facilities for producing and storing electricity from renewable sources.

Thus, due to this environmentally friendly solution, 993 tonnes of CO2 were saved compared to traditional rail transport, or even 5285 tonnes of CO2 compared to transport by truck in 2014.

Vinnolit deliberately focuses both in terms of raw material procurement, as well as the delivery of their products on environmentally friendly 'green' logistics by maximising transport by rail, barge and pipeline.

Certificate Eco Plus