Vinnolit honored for long-term commitment in the Environmental Pact of Bavaria

Therefore, the company was honored by Environment Minister Dr Markus Söder on 27 September 2011.

The Environmental Pact has been concluded since 1995 for consecutive five year terms and has been updated regularly. It defines specific goals for environmental protection, relies on the forward-looking prevention of pollution rather than their correction and ensures the high environmental standards in Bavaria. More than 5,500 Bavarian companies have joined the voluntary agreement between government and industry so far. Beside Vinnolit around 120 companies from Upper Bavaria, which supported the Environmental Pact for many years, were awarded at the ceremony.

"Vinnolit has participated in the Environmental Pact of Bavaria from the beginning, as we - like the Bavarian state government - do believe that environmental protection is a collective task to be solved successfully only in cooperation between state and enterprises," Managing Director Dr Ralph Ottlinger, who accepted the award, says. Characteristic for the Environmental Pact is the voluntariness and the strengthening of self-responsibility of the companies. By this much more can be accomplished than by laws and regulations alone, all parties agree. Vinnolit started early, in 1997, with the certification to ISO 14001 and the EMAS verification. The current environmental programmes of the company are primarily aimed at climate protection. Vinnolit has participated since 1999 in the Responsible Care initiative of the chemical industry and is an official partner of VinylPlus, the sustainability programme of the European PVC industry. These programmes are also based on voluntariness and social responsibility of the companies.

Vinnolit Managing Director Dr Ralph Ottlinger (r.) accepted the certificate and a lapel
pin from Environment Minister Dr Markus Söder (l.)