Update on the current delivery situation

We hope that you and your families are doing well in this difficult and challenging time!

The impact of COVID-19 on our supply chain remains manageable and we will continue to do everything necessary to ensure our production performance and delivery capability.

As part of the Westlake wide pandemic plan, we have taken comprehensive measures at all sites to serve our customers and ensure business continuity. We are closely monitoring the current developments and adjust our measures constantly to protect the health of our employees and business partners.These include a comprehensive package of precautionary measures like access restrictions, hygiene instructions, meeting and travel restrictions, social distancing, working from home etc. These measures have proved to be very effective.

Employees who are suspected/possible of being infected are instructed to stay away from work, inform their supervisor and the works doctor and consult their family doctor for further clarification. In the event of a positive test result or administrative order, the quarantine procedures of the responsible health authority and our internal HSE procedures will take effect to reliably prevent further spread.

As of today, we see no acute danger for our supply chain, for our raw materials, and for our production. We are also in close contact with our logistics partners to minimize the impact on our transports as much as possible, but, we cannot exclude delivery delays anymore.

If you have any questions regarding your delivery or our products, your usual Vinnolit contacts will be happy to help you.

Stay healthy!

Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG, Sales & Product Management