Vinnolit: 20 years of PVC Innovation

Vinnolit was founded in 1993 as a joint venture of the PVC divisions of Hoechst AG and Wacker Chemie GmbH. Both companies had many years of experience and great expertise in the manufacture of PVC at this time. PVC, which consists of more than half of the domestic raw material rock salt, is one of the most important plastics worldwide and was patented 100 years ago in Germany. In 1935, Dr Herbert Berg invented the suspension process at Wacker-Chemie GmbH, by which more than 90 percent of the global PVC production is manufactured today. Wacker developed its expertise further and expanded large-scale production. Hoechst had been successfully engaged in this area since 1951. "It was a forward-looking decision to merge the PVC divisions of both companies, because, thanks to the combined know-how, Vinnolit became the worldwide market and technology leader in specialty PVC and still holds this position," says Vinnolit Managing Director Dr Ralph Ottlinger, who like many of today's 1,450 employees, is a "Vinnolitee" since the first hour.

PVC is a high quality and very versatile plastic, which is used in many areas from the construction sector to the automotive industry and medical applications. Vinnolit is one of the world's most innovative PVC manufacturers and has continuously developed its wide range of products. Today, Vinnolit is internationally positioned with six production sites in Germany and the UK, six sales offices in Europe and numerous distribution partners around the world. "An important milestone for the strategic development of Vinnolit was the entry of the investor Advent International in 2000," says Dr Ottlinger. In 2007, Vinnolit acquired the Ineos paste PVC production facilities at Hillhouse (UK) and Schkopau (Germany) to further strengthen its market position.

"Our focus is on specialty products," underlines Vinnolit Managing Director Dr Josef Ertl. "This business, we have continuously expanded by innovation, systematic portfolio development and investments in modern plants, such as the recent expansion of the world's largest paste PVC plant in Burghausen in 2012.” Additional expansions for PVC specialties are in the planning and approval stage.

"We constantly review our options for growth in specialty PVC. Now we are going to further strengthen our presence in growth markets such as China and Turkey, and also in North and South America", explains Dr Ertl, not without thanking the employees for their high commitment: "The foundations for our success story are, besides satisfied customers, highly skilled and motivated employees and we thank them very much for their performance."

Wacker pilot plant reactor for the production of suspension PVC in 1936, Burghausen (Photo: Vinnolit)

New autoclave for the production of paste PVC in the 2012 expanded paste plant Burghausen (Photo: Vinnolit)

Suspension PVC powder (Photo: Vinnolit)

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