European PVC industry meets ten year targets on sustainable development and looks to the future with optimism

The European PVC industry today released the final Progress Report on Vinyl 2010 – the ten year voluntary commitment launched in 2000 to enhance the sustainable production and use of PVC. The report highlights the huge advances made by the industry over the past decade in waste management, innovative recycling technologies, stakeholder engagement and responsible use of additives.

Speaking at launch of the report at PVC 2011, the 11th International PVC Conference in Brighton, United Kingdom, Josef Ertl, Vinyl 2010 Chairman and Managing Director of Vinnolit said, “Vinyl 2010 has been a clear success and is a perfect example of industry self-regulation working in practice. It is no exaggeration to say that it has helped to revolutionise the PVC value chain in Europe. It has allowed our sector to remain competitive while meeting the needs of society and has significantly enhanced PVC’s credentials and appeal as a material of choice for sustainable purchasing. Along the way, it has also contributed to the creation of a new recycling industry across Europe. ”

Please read on in the press release of Vinyl 2010.

Further details on the achievements of Vinyl 2010 you will find in the Vinyl 2010 Progress Report 2011.