Vinyl 2010: All targets achieved

10 years ago, in a joint effort with many companies of the European PVC industry, the PVC manufacturer Vinnolit launched the initiative Vinyl 2010, a voluntary commitment for sustainable development and environmental responsibility throughout the entire life cycle of PVC. The recently published final report shows that all targets have been met or exceeded. But sustainability remains a central topic: Vinnolit will also support the new initiative VinylPlus financially, ideally and through active participation.

Vinyl 2010, the voluntary commitment of the European PVC industry, had set itself the objective to minimise the impacts of PVC production on the environment, to promote the responsible use of additives, to support collection and recycling systems and to stimulate the social dialogue between all actors in the industry. As Dr Josef Ertl, chairman of Vinyl 2010 and managing director of Vinnolit, reported at the general meeting of the Working Group PVC and Environment in Bonn on 31 May and previously also at the international PVC Conference in Brighton, the initiative has reached or even exceeded all targets that were agreed in 2000 by the European PVC industry. "This particularly applies to the collection and recycling of PVC waste through the creation of a sustainable PVC recycling infrastructure in Europe", Dr Ertl said. "Solely in 2010, over 210,000 tonnes of PVC postconsumer waste were recycled in addition to 1999."

At the same time Dr Ertl announced that the industry does not intend to rest on its laurels. "The PVC industry is committed to social responsibility and sustainable development, and is going to introduce its new sustainability programme VinylPlus end of June in Brussels." Together with the renowned Swedish Sustainability Institute "The Natural Step" a new programme with again ambitious goals for the next 10 years was developed. "From raw material manufacturers such as Vinnolit over additive producers to PVC converters the entire PVC value chain is involved again. This is an essential foundation for our success", Dr Ertl said.

Video: Vinyl 2010 - VinylPlus

Learn more about the successes of Vinyl 2010 in the
Vinyl 2010 Progress Report 2011.

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