VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2017: Towards Circular Economy

The PVC industry is making real progress towards sustainability and a positive contribution to the circular economy through a united industry approach, delegates heard at the 5th VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Please find the entire press release here.

Dr. Josef Ertl, Chairman of VinylPlus and Member of the Vinnolit Advisory Board (Photo: VinylPlus)

Thomas Hülsmann, Managing Director Working Group PVC and Environment (AGPU), in the session on Global PVC Markets (Photo: VinylPlus)

Michael Kundel, President of EuPC, and Dr. Josef Ertl, Chairman of VinylPlus opening the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum (Photo: VinylPlus)

Dr. Rüdiger Baunemann, Managing Director of PlasticsEurope Germany, in the panel discussion on European and national policies (second from right) (Photo: VinylPlus)

Dr. Brigitte Dero, General Manager of VinylPlus, presenting the achievements of the Voluntary Commitment (Photo: VinylPlus)