VinylPlus announces more than 500,000 tonnes of PVC recycled in 2015

The Vinyl Sustainability Forum 2016 on April 28th in Vienna, Austria, had the theme of ‘Smart Vinyl for our Cities’. Featuring top-level speakers, among them Vinnolit Managing Director Dr. Karl-Martin Schellerer, presentations and panel discussions centred on the versatile role of PVC in meeting the future needs of people living and working in urban environments and how it can make a significant contribution to many aspects of the built environment.

In his welcome, VinylPlus Chairman and Member of the Vinnolit Advisory Board, Dr. Josef Ertl said: “To assure quality of life, future cities will need healthy and energy-efficient buildings, reliable water distribution and sewage systems, as well as affordable healthcare. Using PVC in place of other materials reduces costs, improves product performance and makes a positive contribution to sustainable development.”

Please find more details in the entire press release.

See also here the VinylPlus Progress Report 2016.


Dr. Josef Ertl, Chairman VinylPlus